Clarification programs for future leaders

It might be difficult to foresee what will happen when you take on the manager role for the first time.

In this program, participants are granted the opportunity to reach personal clarification on whether they are suited for or wish to become a leader.


  • To establish a foundation on which individuals can make realistic choices on leadership or not – a choice which brings both person, organization, and position into play.
  • To teach individuals how to avoid pitfalls, the new leader might have difficulties sidestepping.
  • To provide individuals with an improved awareness of what is expected of a leader – not based on a generic way of thinking, but within the context wherefrom the leadership takes place.
  • To reinforce organization’s recruitment processes



  • That participants will come to terms with whether he/she wants to step into the leadership role.
  • That a personal development plan is outlined.

The program differentiates itself from traditional future manager programs in that it focuses more on the individual aspect. For instance, a life story interview is utilized to uncover participants’ personal motivational factors, identity, and ideas about leadership.

Furthermore the program involves the participant’s supervisor in the process.

The program might feature:

  • Kick off: Introduction and matching of expectations
  • Life story interview: Uncovering personal motivational factors
  • Triangle conversation: Conversation between participant, supervisor, and organisational psychologist
  • Praxis: Testing managerial tasks in own organization
  • Work camp: With focus on central management areas and team management
  • Individual coaching: Coaching on management tasks and personal reflections
  • Direct observation and supervision: Observation of everyday problem solving
  • Assessment: 360 degrees evaluation
  • Teaching: With focus on basic management disciplines
  • Triangle agreement: Evaluation of development contract and program as a whole
  • Follow-up: Exchanging experiences and discussing the program
  • Recap: Activities to prepare for future competency development


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